• What is SoulCore?

SoulCore is a contemporary workout that strengthens body & soul by combining core-strengthening, stretching and functional exercises with meditations on the life of Christ in the rosary.  SoulCore is a sensory experience that combines candlelight, aromatherapy, music and sacred art, providing participants the opportunity to nourish body, mind & soul while contemplating the mysteries and fruits of the rosary.  

• How is SoulCore different from other exercise disciplines?

Soulcore is a movement all its own.  It is an exercise of spiritual fitness through prayer that incorporates the body to enhance the prayer. SoulCore provides an opportunity to pray with your entire being.  The pure intention of SoulCore is to bring Christians of all ages closer to Christ through the prayers of the Rosary. We are wholly oriented toward Jesus and His Blessed Mother through the entire workout. We do this specifically by meditating on the virtues connected to each mystery in order to be slowly transformed into His image while strengthening our body to be fit instruments to do His will.  

• How long is the workout?

A typical SoulCore workout is approximately 55-60 minutes in length.

• Are we saying the prayers out loud?

The SoulCore leader recites the first part of each prayer out loud, and the second part of every prayer is said in silence.  This gives the participants the opportunity to be reflective in the prayers, and go deep in their meditation.

• What if I don’t know the Rosary? 

SoulCore is a wonderful way to learn it!  Each mystery and virtue is announced out loud.  The first part of every prayer is also said out loud, so you are guided through.  For the second half of each prayer, until you know them by heart, you can reflectively be pondering the virtue of the mystery.  There are numerous resources online, in bookstores and in Catholic churches that provide the prayers of the rosary.

• What does the actual workout entail?

The workout involves a combination of core-strengthening and functional exercises, stretching and overall strengthening of the entire body.

We begin with some basic stretches to warm up the body and recite the Apostle’s Creed.  Push-ups are done throughout each of the Our Fathers.  The movements vary for each of the Hail Marys.  And a stretching position of surrender brings us to each Glory Be.  Each Mystery begins with a scripture verse and a reflection, offering a time of rest.  The end result is a feeling of relaxation, strength, and renewal – of body, mind, and soul.  We recommend you watch the DVD in its entirety prior to doing it for the first time.  This will give you a good basis of what to expect and where you may want to modify. 

• What is the fitness level required for this workout?  

Since spiritual fitness through prayer is the main focus of the SoulCore workout, there is no specific fitness level.  However, the physical workout can be challenging, especially when the exercises are different than the types of exercise you are used to.  All of the exercises are simply invitations and it’s very important to honor your body.  We do suggest modifying or resting anytime the work is too intense. The prayers are the focus – staying centered on the mysteries and virtues – and the exercises are simply intended to enhance the prayer experience, by deepening our connection of body and soul. 

The intention is that we should be a little uncomfortable during the workout, finding that balance of effort and surrender, to connect ourselves with the sacrifices Christ made for us; however NEVER to the point of pain or injury.  Practicing humility, we sometimes have to let go of expectations to participate in the exercises fully from the very beginning. The strength and endurance comes over time. It’s a beautiful part of the journey.

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