SoulCore Living Intentionally integrating the elements of the Rosary & SoulCore into our daily lives. In a sense, to become a “living rosary”, bearing witness to personal transformation, virtue, peace, and wholeness.


St. Teresa of Jesus tells us that there is “no path which leads more quickly to the highest perfection than that of obedience…. Obedience brings us the sooner to that happy state of union with God” .

In The Love of Eternal Wisdom, Saint Louis Marie de Montfort notes that obedience is necessary for salvation: “By holy obedience we do away with self-love, which spoils everything. By obedience, the smallest of our actions become meritorious. It protects us from illusions of the devil, enables us to overcome our enemies, and brings us surely, as though while sleeping, into the harbour of salvation.” St. Louis Marie de Montfort, The Love of Eternal Wisdom (Bay Shore, NY: Montfort Publications), 39.


We are called to live in obedience to the will of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.. An acronym for the word “OIL” describes the necessary fuel for receiving the fire of the Holy Spirit to live out this virtue of obedience. O.I.L. = Obedience In Love. St. Ignatius of Loyola said, “It is not hard to obey when we love the one whom we obey.”

Mary’s Blind Obedience

Is there a more perfect model than Mary to show us obedience in love? A few years ago we participated in a Marian challenge called Fiat90. Throughout the 90 days, in addition to offering various sacrifices, we were encouraged to focus on and live out the virtues of Mary. Theresa Thompson, a parishioner from a local parish, wrote beautiful reflections on each of the virtues. One of the virtues was Blind Obedience. Mary’s witness of living out total and complete obedience to the will of God is exquisite and a perfect model to follow, as are all of the virtues of Mary. Theresa writes:

What is the Virtue of Blind Obedience?

God loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us. That action of self-sacrificial love defeated death itself and inaugurated a new life for all people. Jesus Christ is the example of ultimate obedience to the mission of God the Father, to bring all people to Himself.

God draws us to participate in a life of divine love and goodness. Our response is an act of faith. God always wants the good for us and He gives us free will to accept His invitation to love or to go our own way. But our acceptance also includes sacrifice. When we love Him, we choose to live by the Commandments and Beatitudes which brings us closer to Him. There is harmony in life when we walk in the Light. We trust that He will guide us through the challenges of living the commandments and beatitudes. In fact, God provides ways for us to stay close to Him through practices of the faith.

Obedience to God is not an attitude of a servant towards an overlord but is born out of the love that is shared between our Creator and us, His created beings. We trust that God will accept our obedience, in conjunction with our humility, to bring us closer to Him. Obedience is also an ongoing practice, a daily act to give over the self-will to the mercy of God. Blind obedience is an act of love, complete trust in the Lord.

Disobedience contradicts obedience. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command not to eat of the fruit of the “tree of knowledge of Good and evil” (Gen 2:17) they freely chose to go their own way. Listening and cooperating with the devil, Adam and Eve sinned, turning away from the goodness of God. Death entered the world and their sinfulness passed to all the generations that followed.

When we turn away from God we also turn away from harmony in divine life. Like a navigator that has a compass without a needle, we may become disoriented and confused, uncertain about morality, troubled in relationships, and unbalanced in decisions. The narrow way that leads to God is difficult to find when given so many other, more attractive paths. In a sense, we can’t clearly see where we are going. When we stand at a crossroads of this disordered way of life, do we know which path to take?

When Our Holy Mother, Mary, uttered her fiat she chose obedience to every prompting of God. She shared a unity with the Holy Spirit that incarnated God, completely cooperating with His will. Her surrender was not an expectation of subjugation, but an act of cooperation and trust. Out of love, Our Holy Mother embraced her faith in the Lord and exercised blind obedience.

4th Joyful Mystery: The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple; Virtue: Obedience

Asking for the grace to grow in the virtue of Obedience: We invite you to spend intentional time in prayer contemplating the 4th Joyful Mystery, The Feast Presentation of the Lord. A fruit of this mystery is OBEDIENCE.

As we place ourselves into this Mystery, we pray in particular for the grace to imitate Mary and Joseph in their obedience to God, presenting their Son Jesus in the Temple as a light to all the nations! May we too have eyes like Simeon, to see the presence of Jesus in our daily encounter with others, and may we present Jesus to others, in obedience to God, allowing His light to shine through us. Amen.