308 N Cedar Street, Traverse City, Michigan 49684


Fridays at 11:30 am
Wednesdays at 5:15 pm


Immaculate Conception Church

Centennial Hall
Please bring your own exercise mat


Contact Leader Martha for more Information


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With thirty plus years invested in my passion for the fitness industry I am currently responding to an edifying and uplifting chapter of the journey. My personal and fitness business philosophy is to develop and uphold the notion of mind, body and soul within each person that I encounter. I have approached the development of each leg of the triangle within myself and my fitness business with excitement and enthusiasm. Creativity, attention to detail and prayer are the cornerstones of my business model. In June 2022 I completed my consecration to Jesus through Mary with the 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat process by Carol R. Younger, Ed.D. Since that time I have become certain that this is the spiritual leg that I have been seeking to cultivate the complete mind, body and soul offering of my business, Grasta De Wellness.

Saint Mother Teresa:
If our life is without prayer, it is like a house without a foundation.
Small acts performed with great love.
Be the One
Do something beautiful for God with your life!