Class Schedule

Mary is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Mary

Mary lives in Cambria, California and attends Santa Rosa Catholic Church where she leads SoulCore classes. She has held special SoulCore classes for retreats, weddings, and anyone in the San Luis Obispo County area.

Mary has been a SoulCore Leader for over 7 years in Sacramento Ca. She and her husband have recently re- located to the central coast where they feel so welcomed by the catholic community there. “It was our dream to one day live here.  Everyone we meet feels as blessed as we do to live in Cambria. “

Mary has been married to her wonderful husband Ben for 41 years. They have 3 beautiful daughters and 3 amazing grandchildren. She has been a strong proponent of Pilates mat class and Pilates reformers for over 20 years. Looking for a way to pray and exercise she heard about SoulCore on the radio. She was so excited that she went home and looked SoulCore up on the internet and found a retreat in California that month. She booked a spot and has been a leader ever since that retreat.

“SoulCore has truly been a blessing to me, and I love bringing it to others. Colleen and Deanne are so amazing. Their total commitment to God’s will and devotion to our blessed mother is an inspiration.”

Mary hopes to share SoulCore with anyone who feels the need for spiritual growth.

“I have had so many people attend a SoulCore class and say they feel so much less stress and anxiety. The Rosary is a powerful tool that we often overlook especially in times of stress and despair. I believe we can heal many sufferings by praying the rosary and asking for our Blessed Mother’s intercession with her son Jesus. It’s our spiritual weapon in this time of spiritual warfare.”

Mary is available by email and also facilitates zoom SoulCore classes for a few homebound participants.

A Few of Mary’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Psalms 139-13,14;  Jeremiah 1-5