Class Schedule

Marta is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Marta

Marta was born and raised in San Juan, PR, and serves various parishes and groups in music, young adult, college campus and radio/speaking ministry.

Ever passionate about learning, she originally found SoulCore while google searching resources for those under her care that would integrate fitness and faith, and found much more: an answer to multiple longtime yearnings and prayers of her own heart, including the grace to exercise and pray the Rosary more, and for a ministry that could incorporate both. In her“Fiat” to the invitation to become a SoulCore leader, she saw a unique opportunity to serve and bless others better while growing personally. “SoulCore helps me to pray and exercise more, and in that has enriched both my spiritual life and my until then long overdue fitness habits in the ultimate win-win. After my sessions, I leave refreshed and motivated to persevere in that important life balance that tends to both body and soul. The joy is doubled in sharing that with others so they too can experience the blessings and benefits as we grow together in virtue and faith, fitness and fellowship.” Marta also loves to learn about natural wellness and experimenting with healthy tasty culinary creations in her kitchen. In her free time, she enjoys time with family and friends, as well as other creative pursuits including writing, painting, and photography.

A Few of Marta’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Phil 1:6 /Phil 4:4-8, Ps 23 among others.