The University of Texas Catholic Center

2010 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705

Class Schedule

Katie is on maternity leave, but is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Katie

Katie is a lover of healing and the arts. She is a painter and a potter as well as a fitness enthusiast. Katie has been interested in holistic, integrated healing for the past 15 years. Since being diagnosed with Celiac disease, Katie has gained a deeper awareness and passion for the physical, emotional, and spiritual holistic-unity that we humans are. In her own journey, Katie found much healing through years of studying and applying good nutritional principles, regular fitness (Pilates, Barre, Lagree, and Rowing), counseling, and prayer. She especially gravitated toward mindful movement (similar to what she had experienced while painting or doing pottery) but hadn’t found something truly integrated until she found SoulCore!

Katie loves facilitating an experience where others can feel invited and welcome to encounter, through the hearts of Jesus and Mary, the mysteries of our Salvation in a very physical and personal way.

Katie is married and is currently (as of Jan 2019) expecting her first baby (due in July 2019).

A Few of Katie’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

JN 15:9 LK 1:37 LK 1:46-55 REV 21: 1-7 PS 23