Press Kit

SoulCore is a Catholic fitness apostolate focused on the integration of soul and body. With the launch of a new app and an enhanced online studio membership, SoulCore is a unique workout experience with the goal of growing in virtue and cultivating interior peace.

Meet The Founders

Colleen Scariano

Colleen grew up in a lively Irish Catholic family where faith was the cornerstone. Personal tragedy led Colleen to a deeper conversion in faith and discovery of the beauty and healing power of the rosary. Athletics had been a part of her life since she was young, but as an adult struggled to commit to an exercise routine. Through integrating the rosary with physical movement she found a sustainable path to nourish her body, mind & soul. Now her desire is to share it with everyone. She is an inspirational speaker and leads retreats throughout the United States. Her favorite role though, is that of wife & mother!

Deanne Miller

Deanne is wife to Mike and mother to four young adult children. Raised in a large Greek family, she converted to Catholicism from a Greek Orthodox background. Deanne underwent personal suffering during her teenage years, and the integration of prayer and movement played a crucial role in her healing journey. This experience led to her lifelong commitment to honoring God in both body and soul. Deanne is passionate about helping others appreciate the gift of their bodies and guiding them in their spiritual walk. She shares her personal testimony and leads retreats globally, emphasizing the transforming power of the rosary.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. What is SoulCore, and why is it so different from other exercise programs?
  2. How did the unique idea for SoulCore come about?
  3. The care of spiritual and physical needs are at the heart of SoulCore workouts. How does physical movement enhance our experience of prayer? How does prayer enhance the experience of exercise?
  4. Why do Catholic women today need something like SoulCore?
  5. Can you walk our audience through a sample SoulCore workout and what to expect?
  6. How does your online studio membership work, and where can our audience go to find a class and learn more?

Media Requests

Contact Carrie Kline at for interview requests.

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