Class Schedule

Luisa is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Luisa

Luisa has been married to her wonderful husband for 22 years and they have 4 amazing children. Luisa and her family moved to New York 11 years ago. They are active members of The Church of The Resurrection in Rye, NY.

Luisa has an academic and professional background in Education. In the present time, she feels very fortunate to be able to stay home and spend time with her children. She attends a Bible study group, she volunteers both at church and at school, and now she will be a SoulCore leader.

Having spent a lot of her time among the poor and helping them, and after having suffered a lot of personal losses, her faith grew deeper and her love for The Rosary grew stronger. Luisa truly experienced the healing effects of The Rosary.

Luisa has exercised her entire life. Exercise is part of her daily routine. Physical health and spiritual growth are very important to her, and what better way to grow than praying the Rosary every day while exercising.

Luisa always found it easy to pray while doing exercises, and when she learned about SoulCore, she knew it was her calling. Luisa can’t wait to share with others the peace one feels in praying the Rosary, helping others to grow in their prayer life, deepening their faith and love for Jesus and our Blessed Mother.

Few of  Luisa’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Psalm 23; John 15:5; Luke 12:8-9; Matthew 5:14-16