SoulCore is an apostolate that intentionally engages the whole person in the sacred experience of the rosary. Integrating the prayers of the rosary with core strengthening, stretching and functional movements to nourish body & soul and encourage deeper reflection on the virtues. A gentle path to grow in virtue and cultivate interior peace.

SoulCore is a movement all its own.  It was not created as a response to any other practice, but began as a little “yes” to an inspiration of the Holy Spirit. While distinction between movements is important, of greater importance are the theological and philosophical foundations of SoulCore.

SoulCore is founded in monotheism, one true God.

SoulCore is based in Christian meditation, which is always focused on the life of Jesus Christ.

SoulCore is about “filling” the mind & soul, specifically with the life, virtues and Word of Christ.

Our Lady’s desire is always to lead us closer to her son Jesus.  As a Marian apostolate, SoulCore imitates her in striving to draw others closer to Christ through deeper reflection on His life and virtues in the rosary.  Anything that could potentially lead us away from Christ is counter to our mission.

Thank you for thoughtful discernment regarding SoulCore’s approval by the Church. SoulCore is an ecumenical apostolate rooted in the richness and beauty of the Holy Rosary. At this time SoulCore does not yet have an imprimatur. However, SoulCore is based in the Diocese of Lafayette Indiana and has the full support of our Bishop Timothy Doherty as well as many priests and religious around the country. Additionally, SoulCore has partnered with several Catholic media outlets including, EWTN radio, Hallow, Sirius XM The Catholic Channel, Ave Maria Radio, Relevant Radio, National Catholic Register, Ignatius Press and more. SoulCore is also offered in collaboration with various Catholic conferences including FOCUS SLS and SEEK, and Walking with Purpose. 

A typical SoulCore Rosary is approximately 45-60 minutes in length.

The SoulCore leader recites the first part of each prayer out loud, and the second part of every prayer is said in silence.  This gives the participants the opportunity to be reflective in the prayers, and go deep in their meditation on the life and word of Christ.

SoulCore is a wonderful way to learn it!  Each mystery and virtue is announced out loud.  The first part of every prayer is also said out loud, so participants are guided through.  For the second half of each prayer, until one knows the prayers by heart, one can reflectively be pondering the virtue of the mystery.  There are numerous resources online, in bookstores and in Catholic churches that provide the prayers of the rosary.

The movement involves a combination of core-strengthening, stretching and functional movement. We begin with some basic stretches to warm up the body and recite the Apostle’s Creed.  Each Mystery begins with a scripture verse and a reflection, offering a time of rest. Participants are invited to do push-ups through each of the Our Father prayers. Movements will vary for each Hail Mary. A position of surrender is offered during the Glory Be. The movements are truly just an invitation.  The main focus of SoulCore is the prayers of the rosary. We recommend modifying and resting as needed, always honoring your body.

Since spiritual fitness through prayer is the main focus of SoulCore, there is no specific fitness level.  The physical movements can be challenging depending on who is leading the class, however all of the movements are simply invitations. The prayers are the focus – staying centered on the mysteries and virtues – and the movements are simply intended to enhance the prayer experience, by deepening our connection of body and soul.  We strongly encourage modifying or resting according to your abilities on any given day.

Absolutely! Since the movements are secondary to the prayers, SoulCore Leaders can offer classes at any fitness level.  Some Leaders offer SoulCore with the majority of the movements being gentle stretches, others offer SoulCore with the movements done completely from a chair. As long as the movements are in line with the integrity of SoulCore, Leaders are welcome to customize accordingly. We find that any of these movements, when done in conjunction with the prayers, offers a deeper connection with Christ in body and soul.