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Our Story

How Tragedy and Devotion Led to The Creation of SoulCore

The SoulCore story is really a faith journey from suffering to joy and call to mission.

Devastating loss led me to a deeper devotion to the Blessed Mother, and eventually to the conception of SoulCore. I grew up in a close Irish, Catholic family, the fifth of six children.  Tragedy hit our young family when my oldest brother died at the age of 15 when he was struck by lightning.

The death of my brother inflicted a deep wound in all of our hearts and was the catalyst that eventually led my father to alcoholism and second-oldest brother to drug addiction.

Even amidst our trials, our family home was filled with love, laughter; and the cornerstone was my mom’s devout faith.  She was a witness of self-giving love, perseverance in adversity and trusting in God’s plan. In no small part to her years of unwavering faith and prayers, my father & brother would each make miraculous recoveries from their addictions.

Her faith was the spiritual glue that bound our family together in suffering and in joy.  So it was utter heartbreak when she died suddenly & unexpectedly.  Then two months later as we still navigated through grief another cross was laid upon our family when my father and brother died together in an accident.

In my devastation, the rosary became a source of peace and healing.  My devotion to the Blessed Mother deepened in a palpable way.  I began praying the rosary while running and found the combination a beautiful time of prayer integrating body & soul.  A friend suggested adding core exercise to my regimen and the inspiration to incorporate the rosary with core strengthening exercise was conceived.

I shared the inspiration with my friend Deanne Miller, who shared a devotion to the Blessed Mother and had a background in fitness instruction.  Together we began developing the program and SoulCore was born.  Interest in classes grew and beautiful testimony of participant experience shared. Encouraged by Immaculee Ilibagiza, we formally launched the movement, released the Joyful Mysteries dvd and opened our Marian House studio, named in honor of our Blessed Mother and my beautiful mom, Marian.

We now offer youth, college & adult programs and SoulCore Discovery Retreats with the mission of launching classes across the country and around the globe. SoulCore is truly an invitation to integrate body & soul in prayer while discovering the beauty of the rosary; a gentle path to grow in virtue and interior peace.

About The SoulCore Logo

The SoulCore logo, the A intertwined with the M, symbolizes the Latin term “Auspice Maria” which means “Under the Protection of Mary.” We deepen our devotion to Jesus and Mary by praying the Rosary, helping us to remain aware that we are constantly under their guidance and protection.



Colleen is a wife and mother. She and her husband Jeff have been married for 23 years and have three children. They are members of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church. 

She grew up in a lively Irish catholic family where faith was the cornerstone.  She is an inspirational speaker, along with her sister, for the Love Foolishly Mission their family began in 2010.  She’s also a student studying theology through the Ecclesial Lay Ministry program.  

While athletics have been a part of her life since she was young, as an adult she was never able to stick with any exercise routine for long!  Through SoulCore and the combination of the rosary with the physical exercise, she finally found the path she needed to strengthen both body & soul.  Now she feels called to share it with everyone!

She’s passionate about her faith, family, friends, food & travel and loves to laugh!  Above all, she’s just striving to be a witness of love to those God puts in her path.  Admittedly, most days she falls short…and is thankful for God’s forgiveness and grace!


Deanne has been married to Mike for 30 years and they have been blessed with 4 children who teach and inspire them everyday.  She was brought up Greek Orthodox, coming from a large Greek family.  

Deanne converted to Catholicism after their second child was born, for unity of their family. She saw it as an opportunity not to give up her Orthodox upbringing, but to enhance her connection to Christ and His church through Catholicism.  They are parishioners at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church.

Deanne is constantly yearning to grow deeper in her understanding of the Catholic faith.  Praying while exercising has been a lifelong, sustaining factor in her discipline to honor the gift of our bodies and to grow deeper spiritually. Her devotion to the Blessed Mother has continued to grow stronger over the years and she has truly felt led by the Holy Spirit through Mary’s constant intercession.

Faith, gratitude, acceptance and laughter are cornerstones of Deanne’s upbringing.  She is fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who have a true zest for life and inspire her daily.  Deanne strives to do God’s will each day (requiring a lot of do-overs!) and has a passion for travel, fitness, food and faith-filled adventures.