Meditate on the Rosary while stretching and moving your body in healthy ways with SoulCore:

“SoulCore is an invitation to nourish body, mind and soul through prayer and functional movement. Engaging all of the senses through candlelight, scripture, sacred art, music and movement, SoulCore encourages deeper reflection on the Mysteries and virtues of the rosary; a gentle path to grow in virtue and cultivate interior peace.”

“I couldn’t wait to do my first SoulCore Rosary! It was challenging, for sure, because I am so poorly conditioned. But, as I moved through the prayer and movements, it dawned on me that my spirituality has felt weakened as well! My body was  reflecting what my heart has been feeling for so long. This method of strengthening is exactly what I was looking for and needed!! I am so deeply grateful to Our Lady,  for hearing my prayer, and sending forth the inspiration for this spiritual program. I look forward to rebuilding my mind, body and spirit through this beautiful program. Thank you and God bless you with His Peace!”


“I thought the Leader Discovery Retreat was beautiful and prayerful . The beauty that has come from the suffering – I will take it with me and use it to inspire my own life and those around me. SoulCore is for anyone with a prayerful, open heart.”


“This was an amazing, inspiring, and perfect weekend. SoulCore is for anyone of any age, any ability level.”


“This was a wonderful weekend. It was a big WOW. It was much more than I had even expected, from the women that I met and just the encounters that I had with Jesus and Mary.”


“Thank you for the retreat. I feel as though I have put on the armor of Christ, and am deepening my relationship with both Mary and Christ through SoulCore training. Ignited and Inspired!”


“This was the most amazing weekend I think I’ve every spent. It was spiritually healing and fulfilling. I feel renewed, refreshed, excited!”


“Now I feel that my body and soul are more one. I feel better about my faith and also my body!”


“Movement and prayer are a natural pair. My background working with disabled children showed me how movement led to increased speech. This movement lead to an increased “speaking” with God.”


“Just wanted to say thank you for SoulCore! It is so great and I absolutely love it. I already feel so much closer to Mary especially – it was cool to see her portrayed in a new light. Can’t wait for next week!”


“SoulCore is the most beautiful and most meaningful way I have ever experienced the Rosary. Combining body and soul is so powerful and lifts up my prayer.”


“SoulCore has helped me really think about the virtues and how I can practice them in my daily life. The part I like best is how at peace you feel when you finish.”


“SoulCore is an amazing spiritual experience. My description of SoulCore would be…praying the rosary with the fullness of who we are created to be – both physical creatures and spiritual beings.”


“This beautiful ministry has become a part of my daily prayer intentions – thank you again for your willingness to witness to our Catholic faith in this very physical way.”


“Your SoulCore DVD is wonderful! The meditations which focus on the virtues of the mysteries are profound. You connect them beautifully to the body movements. Your DVD has been very helpful in my faith journey.”


“I simply love just how spiritually nourishing and physically intense this workout is. It’s like the workout I’ve waited for all my 27 years!”


“I received my DVD in the mail today and had to try it out right away! Loved it! Even with my 2 little guys playing around me it was like a mini retreat”


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating SoulCore. I literally just finished doing my first SC workout with the DVD and you do not know the peace it has brought me.”