Class Schedule

Patti is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Patti

I learned about SoulCore during the pandemic through another SoulCore Leader, Daniella, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing since around 2015. She shared videos on FaceBook leading decades as she traveled in Italy, and it opened my eyes to the deeper connection to prayer that is available through movement. When the opportunity to attend a SoulCore Leader Retreat presented itself in January 2022, I gave my “yes” and now SoulCore is a huge part of my prayer life and passion.

As a Catholic that knew so very little (almost nothing!) about my faith until marriage, I have relied on the Holy Rosary to draw me closer to Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to develop my relationship with God, and now I cannot get enough. As I continue to learn more about and grow in this beautiful faith, the Rosary remains the center of my prayers and I look forward to sharing it with more people.

I am a member of St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Boynton Beach, FL, where I live with my husband, and I am always happy to meet others who have the same passion for prayer and movement, or to introduce it to those that don’t know they have the passion yet.

A Few of  Patti’s Favorite Scripture Verses:
Jeremiah 1:5; 1 Samuel 1:10-11; Luke 1:38