Class Schedule

Carolyn is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Carolyn

I was born in New York City and raised in a devout Catholic family. My love for God, movement and prayer was nurtured early on when my grandfather would take me to the playground across the street from our church. There I would climb, slide, run and dive into the joy of movement. Just moments later we would enter the peaceful setting of the church and take in scripture, art, music and God’s omnipresence.

Those early years introduced me to merging both movement and prayer which continues today with Soul Core. Soul Core is a divine practice which unites physical fitness with the prayers of the rosary.

I invite you to join me for a Soul Core class where in fellowship we will align our mind, body and soul to Jesus through Mary. As a revered priest from my parish in New York once said, “we greet Mary, we bless Mary because she brings us Jesus.”

A Few of Carolyn’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Luke 1:38, John 13:34