St. Joseph Catholic Church

4011 Alexandria Pike, Cold Spring, KY 41076

Class Schedule

1st and 3rd Wednesdays

 Time: 6:30 PM

Meet SoulCore Leader – Bridget

I have been a parishioner of St. Joseph Cold Spring almost my whole life. It’s where I attended eighth grade, worked (during high school at the rectory), and volunteer.  Michael and I were married there. We have two amazing kids who we love and cherish! I have always been a wellness enthusiast. Over the years, I have worked as an RN, and a Fitness Instructor. I enjoy running, reading, dancing, hiking, laughing, and even crying, with friends and family. Being blessed with such a wonderful family and parish, I have been fortunate to do all those things with some amazing faith-filled individuals who inspire and uplift me. When I discovered SoulCore, I knew I wanted to share it with them and others.

A Few of Bridget’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Sir 6:15; Eccl 3:11; John 14:27