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Rosela is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Rosela

Hello! My name is Rosela Cruz and I live with my beloved family in Monterrey, N.L, though I am originally from Mexicali, B.C. Mexico. My husband Diego and I have been happily married for 24 years and counting. We are blessed with three beautiful daughters named Rosela, Romina, and Roxana, as well as one very active and handsome son, Diego Alonso.
I have always been passionate about my faith, and SoulCore has been a true blessing for me during this stage of my life. It has provided me with a guide that has helped me grow deeper in my faith, and best of all, it does so through something I am passionate about – exercise! Running has always been a way for me to give glory to God.
Thanks to SoulCore, I have found a way to connect more deeply and nourish my mind, body, and soul. One thing led to another, and I started doing the “Running Rosary” from SoulCore, which led me to the “Stretching Rosary” from SoulCore. Before I knew it, I had subscribed to the online SoulCore studio. Praying the Rosary through movement has been a true gift that has helped me grow spiritually. When I found out that I could become a SoulCore leader, I knew it was a calling for me, and I started this wonderful journey as soon as possible. I am so grateful for SoulCore and hope to share its blessings with others, helping them grow in faith and love for Jesus through Mary.
I look forward to sharing this blessing with my family, friends, community, and anyone else our Blessed Mother leads me to. I am her humble servant, a fit instrument of peace in her beloved and merciful hands. Amen.

A Few of Daniella’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Mathew 22, 37-39; Luke 1: 42-49; John 2: 5; Luke 2: 9; John  13: 34; Matthew 7: 7-8