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Zenna is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Zenna

Hello, my name is Zenna Moeti and I have been blessed with the opportunity to call two polar opposite countries yet with many similarities, my home.  Botswana, a wildlife rich country, my husband’s home country in Africa and Trinidad and Tobago, a sun-kissed island in the Caribbean, my native homeland, are where my husband, our three children and I call home.

My passions and interests span many genres; however, I have a deep devotion to my family and a passion for faith formation – which also include activities such as meditation, prayer, planting, healthy eating, and exercise. It is my hope that these activities will facilitate an ecological and human transformation. More about this can be found on my blog Isidore y Maria Eco-Garden.

As a member of the leadership team for Christian Meditation in Trinidad, a Catechist and Laudato Si Animator, I sought a form of spiritual exercise that fell in line with my Ministry’s mission of Authentic Integral Development. Seeking Our Lady’s guidance in prayer at a Medjugorje retreat I attended in Trinidad, my prayers were answered in a few short days when Our Lady blessed me with the opportunity to be part of the SoulCore apostolate.

A blessing such as this cannot be contained but must be shared. I look forward to sharing my blessing with you.

A Few of Zenna’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Matthew 21:42; 1 Corinthians 2:9; Luke 12:22; Isaiah 41:10; Isaiah 54:1