Class Schedule

Bonnie and Lisa are available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leaders – Bonnie and Lisa

Bonnie and Lisa are sisters that were drawn to SoulCore by the working of Mary in their hearts. Bonnie bought the DVD’s for herself for Mother’s Day and then realized she needed to share them with her sisters. From there Mary placed it on their hearts that they needed to do more. They felt the need or nudge to carry on the Catholic traditions that have been carried down through generations.

Through their lives of failures and struggles, they have realized the true sense of gratitude and blessings received by the power of prayer and the Rosary.

SoulCore has made an impact on them by going deeper into the mysteries. It has been helpful to put them into practice in their daily lives. Through this exciting journey, they have learned to keep their eyes open to all the “God Winks” that comes their way.

They would love to share this beautiful movement with others and make Mary’s prayers even more powerful. For where two are more gathered he is in their midst.

Bonnie‘s Favorite Scripture Verse:

Romans 8:28

Lisa’s Favorite Scripture Verse:

Matthew 5:1-11