Class Schedule

Mallory is available upon request for special events and private groups.

Meet SoulCore Leader – Mallory

Mallory Hurley is a born and raised Catholic in the City of Pittsburgh. She is the mother of two children and the wife of a Pittsburgh Fireman. She is also the Visual Art teacher at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School, and works on her own sacred art in her spare time. Mallory enjoys being able to engage in physical fitness, and has felt called to lead others in the linking the prayers of the Rosary with movement to deepen prayer experience!

SoulCore has brought so much joy to Mallory and her family. Since she discovered this form of movement and prayer during her second pregnancy, it allowed her to center and focus her mind and spirit to stay strong throughout the remainder of her pregnancy as well as through labor. She feels that the surrender position is such an amazing way to bring the body and mind to the foot of the cross.

A Few of Mallory’s Favorite Scripture Verses:

Philippians 4:13, Proverbs 3:5, John 14: 13-14